How to Style Different Coffee Tables Shapes.


How to Style a Round Coffee Table

  • The rule of three is a great idea here. Three large objects at different heights works well
  • I tend to put a plant or flower as the tallest moment, then a candle, then a stack of books
  • You can add coasters on top of the books if you need them
  • I tend to avoid trays on round tables, but if you must, go for a round tray – square looks odd
  • Your objects should sit in a cluster on the centre of your table

How to Style a Square Coffee Table

  • It’s wise to break up the table into a few sections; three main ‘scenes’ on the table works well
  • You want to have these objects for a rough triangle shape on the table top
  • Use a rectangular tray as one scene and then cluster items like flowers, a candle and a coaster on it
  • Beside the tray, look to a large object with a random shape like a round bowl or some coral
  • Your last item on the table, sitting beside the tray and odd-shaped object can then be a stack of books

How to Style a Rectangle Coffee Table

  • It’s wise to break the length of table up into three parts
  • However, don’t feel the need to space the three parts equally along the table
  • Create one large moment a little off-centre on the table top
  • Either side of your larger moment, create a collection of smaller vignettes (book stack, tray etc)
  • Keep depth of field in mind; have some objects closer to the front of the table, and some further back

How to Style an Oval Coffee Table

  • Oval tables can go one of two ways; mirroring a round table or going for a formal option
  • The round table philosophy includes showcasing three moments at different heights in the centre of the table (flower, candle and set of coasters, for example)
  • The formal way to do it is to have one major moment in the centre (like a flower or plant) and then have two smaller moments of similar heights either side (like a book stack)
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